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      There isnt money enough, replied Thuphrastos.As these explanations were given to a deaf man, Philopator could not avoid hearing them. Perceiving that the current of feeling was against him, he continued more rapidly with visible irresolution.

      249 Pour some wine into his mouth.

      Irby went redder than Anna. "You can't get it at this hour!" he said. His eyes sought Flora, but she was hurriedly conferring with her grandmother.

      She was glad it was only Flora. "Chrie," tinkled the visitor, "they have permit' me!"

      He said there was no longer any open way without a pass from General Lovell, and when they affably commended the precaution and showed a pass he handed it to an officer, a heated, bustling, road-soiled young Creole, who had ridden up at the head of a mounted detail. This youth, as he read it, shrugged. "Under those present condition'," he said, with a wide gesture toward the remote miles of blazing harbor, "he could not honor a pazz two weeks ole. They would 'ave to rit-urn and get it renew'."Two chiefs rose to reply, and each lavished all his 49 rhetoric in praises of Champlain and of the French. Brbeuf rose next, and spoke in broken Huron,the assembly jerking in unison, from the bottom of their throats, repeated ejaculations of applause. Then they surrounded him, and vied with each other for the honor of carrying him in their canoes. In short, the mission was accepted; and the chiefs of the different villages disputed among themselves the privilege of receiving and entertaining the three priests.


      Ossossan ? The New Chapel ? A Triumph of the Faith ? The Nether Powers ? Signs of a Tempest ? Slanders ? Rage against the Jesuits ? Their Boldness and Persistency ? Nocturnal Council ? Danger of the Priests ? Brbeuf's Letter ? Narrow Escapes ? Woes and Consolations



      Father! he cried warmly, give me your daughter Clytie! Neither you nor she shall repent itthat I swear by all the gods.