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      Lady Wyndover and Madame Cerise smiled indulgently.

      Dissatisfied with their answers, he said he suspected them of being emigrs and should take them to Valenciennes. Mme. de Genlis thought they were lost, but with admirable presence of mind, she put her arm within his and walked briskly by his side, chaffing him in an almost unintelligible jargon about his want of politeness, laughing, and appearing quite fearless and indifferent.

      As to the Comte de Beaujolais, he was fond of her, as all her pupils were, for she was extremely kind to them, but he hated and abhorred the principles which his father and she had succeeded in instilling into his brothers and sister, longed to fight for the King and Queen, and took the first opportunity when he met the Comte de Provence in exile to tell him so and make his submission; he had sent him messages of explanation and loyalty directly he could. For more than a year, then, there had been coldness and estrangement between the Duchess and Mme. de Genlis, who, of course, as usual, posed as an injured saint. What had she done? Why this cruel change in the affection and confidence of years? Had she not sacrificed herself to her pupils? Was she not the last person to alienate their affection from their illustrious and admirable mother? Did not all the virtues of her whole life forbid her being suspected or distrusted in any way?

      De Valence was very handsome and a brave soldier; he emigrated but refused to fight against France; returned, obtained the favour of Napoleon, and retained that of Mme. de Montesson, who more than once paid his debts. He was supposed to be the son of a mistress whom his father adored, and to have been substituted for a dead child born to his fathers wife, who always suspected the truth, never would acknowledge him as her son, nor leave him more money than she could help doing as she had no other children.Not far from them she found Mme. Le Rebours, whose husband had persisted in going to France, and had been guillotined. She and her family, amongst whom was the brave, devout spirit, were overjoyed to meet her again.

      Oh, in England, he said. In the country sometimes, in London at others.

      "It's good enough for such rabble as that, sir. What does it matter where they go?""What is your particular line, Allegra?" asked her brother. "Is it landscape?"


      She thought, with a half-smile, of yesterday's adventure. What importance that foolish Tabitha gave to so simple an incident; the merest commonplace courtesy, necessitated by circumstances; and only because the person who had been commonly courteous was Richard Hulbert, thirteenth Baron Lostwithiel. Thirteenth Baron! There lay the distinction. These Cornish folks worshipped antique lineage. Tabitha would have thought very little of a mushroom peer's civility, although he had sent her mistress home in a chariot and four. She was no worshipper of wealth, and she turned up her blunt old nose at Mr. Crowther, of Glenaverilthe great new red-brick mansion which had sprung up like a fungus amidst the woods only yesterdaybecause he had made his money in trade, albeit his trade had been upon a large scale, and altogether genteel and worthy to be esteemeda great cloth factory at Stroud, which was said to have clad half the army at one period of modern history.


      "Is he going to stop here long, do you know?"


      Ererjust so. My client, Mr. Gordon Chetwynde, was extremely devoted to his daughter, and ernot unreasonably desired to see her suitably married. Unfortunately, although she had several brilliant offers, she fell in love with a quite ineligible young man with noersettled occupation or prospects, and with not the best of characters.