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      they're gittin' a fellow to enlist. It's mity rough, and

      "Come down, now," taunted the "banker." "You've blowed so much about sand. Don't weaken over a50 little thing like . I'm a thoroughbred, myself, I am. The man don't live that kin bluff me."

      The latter took hold of Si in various places, and by the time he had caught up with the regiment one eye was closed, and there was a big lump on his nose, besides several more stings which the bees had judiciously distributed about his person. It was very evident that he had been overmatched and had come out second best in the encounter.

      "The General himself," said Si.



      Si was instantly fired with the importance of the duty assigned him. He sent two of his men to the left, two to the right, while he and Shorty, a little distance apart, struck for the heart of the thicket. They made their way with difficulty through the dense chaparral for some minute's, and then stopped, as they heard voices and the crashing of branches in front."Corp'l Klegg," said the Captain, without an instant's hesitation, "you hear what's to be done. Take five men and go."


      "Looks as if them fellers think we want to steal their old river and send it North," said Shorty, as he reloaded his gun after firing at a puff of smoke that had come out of the sumach bushes along the fence at the foot of the hill. "They needn't be so grouchy. We don't want their riveronly to use it awhile. They kin have it back agin after we're through with it."