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      Lord Selvaine smoked leisurely, and eyed, through his half-closed eyes, his nephew.

      Ten, said Esmeralda, promptly but quietly.

      He did not move or wake, but a smile passed over his face like the sunlight falling upon a still mere. She was glad that he had smiled, that her last look at his dear face should ever linger in her mind with that deep and solemn presentiment of an old mans peace and happiness. She stretched out her hands to him, and her lips moved, but no spoken words broke the almost death-like stillness, and slowly, with her eyes lingering upon him, she passed out.The ring was slipped on, the hands of the pair were joined, the bishop delivered his little address, and pronounced his blessing in his well-known mannera mixture of sacerdotal dignity and sweetnessand Esmeralda walked down the aisle the wife of the Marquis of Trafford.

      Oh, Norman! she breathed, but why did you come?[252]


      The men glanced at him from time to time as he leaned back in his tilted chair and read and tore up his letters with languid impassiveness; and Taffy, rousing from a peaceful slumber, got up and drifted across the room to him, and now quite sober, looked down at him sheepishly.


      Is there no looking-glass at Lady Wyndovers? he asked. Has no one told you that you are very beautiful?