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      Would you like to go? asked Esmeralda, as she threw the letter across to him.

      Its Esmeralda! shouted Taffy, as if he could not believe his eyes.

      No, she said; I could never go back, Varley. All that is past and done with. There would be no one to go back to but Lady Wyndover and Lilias, and theythey will soon forget me. In the world over there the people do not remember many days; they are all so busy with their pleasures that they havent time to remember. It is each for himself, and in the rush and tear the best of friends are soon forgotten.

      There was much laughter, more applause, and a delightful thrill of excitement, and then Lady Wyndover looked significantly at Esmeralda, and she and the bride-maids went to change the magnificent bridal-dress for a traveling costume.A box of books had been sent down from Mudies, and Esmeralda sat in the drawing-room with one of them in her hand. It was a love story, in which the love ran roughly through two volumes and a half, and then glided smoothly through the concluding chapters. She read it with a kind of bitterness. Her love had run smoothly enough through its first chapters, and now only in the concluding ones had the roughness come in. She could hear Trafford pacing up and down outside with his cigarette. Once he paused at the open French window and looked at her. She could feel his eyes upon her, though she did not look up from the book.

      But Anna kissed the clinging hands and vanished.

      But she failed to ask; only confessed herself unfit to judge anybody's English.

      Vision or reality, she was passing before him. He could see the exquisite outline of her profile, could catch the glimpse of the red-gold hair that hung in tangled confusion upon her shoulders.


      "To go into this war on the other side!"


      It is all very well for you, my dear boy, he said. You possess the original, but we shall not have her here always, and so we need her picture. How admirably that dress became her, he went on, after a pause. It was evident that he was absorbed in her. Some women have the faculty of wearing their clothes with that instinctive grace which indues the robe with something of their own charm; Esmeralda is one of them. The simplest frock would become imperial while she wore it.It was good to Anna to rest her head an instant on the cushioning behind it and close her eyes. With his rag of a hat on the ground and his head tightly wrapped in the familiar Madras kerchief of the slave deck-hand, the attendant at the carriage side reverently awaited the relifting of her lids. The old coachman glanced back on her.


      "I perceive," replied Hilary, and smiled in meditation. "Why--thank you, both!"Spin it out, Bill! exhorted one.