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      I know that I am your wife, the Marchioness of Trafford, one of your family, and that I must think of you and them. I cant go away. She remembered the lake at Belfayre and[189] the dukes words. The wife of the Marquis of Belfayre cant do that. It would be better for me to kill myself.

      Youd better let me help you, miss, remarked Barker.

      And I feel so very, very old, said Esmeralda, almost to herself. Then she started slightly, and drew back from the window. There is some one down there on the terrace, she said.Trafford again made a gesture, half of entreaty, half of defiance.

      The woman shook her head.

      I dont dance very often, he said. And I am glad to stand here, if you will allow me. Like you, I enjoy being a spectator.