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      He made no pretence of not understanding. "You have no need to be, dear," he said simply.Tommy has been very good to me, giving me his time, in his room, so he could tell me all the fine points he has picked up about flying.

      The mere sight of Felipa on the buffalo robe before the fire, poring over the old history, exasperated Brewster. "That book again?" he said crossly, as he drew up a chair and held out his hands to the flames; "you must know it by heart."Forbes went on without noticing the interruption. "You are a great influence in her life, but you aren't the only one. Her surroundings act powerfully upon her. When I knew her before, she was like any other beautiful woman"

      I have orders, at that, Mr. Whiteside told the pilot. You go back and get into the air and then cruise aroundjust in case Jeff does get started.

      "No," he agreed, "it doesn't matter. And I shall do well enough." Then the three went out, and she finished her breakfast alone."Great Jehosephat, Si," remonstrated Shorty; "it'll take 'em a month to learn all that."




      227 YorEs, SAM.


      She stood looking round the post, across the white-hot parade ground, to the adobe barracks and the sutler's store. Then she turned and considered the officers' quarters. They were a row of hospital, wall, and A tents, floored with rough boards and sheltered by ramadas of willow branches.