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      Her heart sank fathoms deep when Pendleton came in alone.

      "Oh! ... Well you might have taken your father into your confidence ... Did you find anything?""Stopped in his tent to tidy up a bit," said Pendleton ... "Was it necessary..." he began reprovingly.

      "Ah reckon Ah did."V1 mocking wit spared neither her nor her royal lover. Feminine pique, revenge, or vanity had then at their service the mightiest armaments of Europe.


      He continued to eat hardtack from day to day, in these various forms, but it was only because he had to do it. He didn't hanker after it, but it was a military necessityhardtack or starvation. It was a hard choice, but Si's love of lifeand Annabelinduced him to choose the hardtack.


      "Guess not!" was the reply.[631] Pouchot, I. 153. Both Niles and Entick mention the incident.


      "The ship 'Britannia,'" wrote the Minister, Berryer, "laden with goods such as are wanted in the colony, was captured by a privateer from St.-Malo, and brought into Quebec. You sold the whole cargo for eight hundred thousand francs. The purchasers made a profit of two millions. You bought back a part for the King at one million, or two hundred thousand more than the price for which you sold the whole. With conduct like this it is no wonder that the expenses of the colony become insupportable. The amount of your drafts on the treasury is frightful. The fortunes of your subordinates throw suspicion on your administration." And in another letter on the same day: "How could it happen that the small-pox among the Indians cost the King a million francs? What does this expense mean? Who is answerable for it? Is it the officers who command the posts, or is it the storekeepers? 34